Wil je thuis kunnen luisteren naar Little Hawk’s muziek en verhalen?

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The Great Mystery – Native American Flute Music for Meditation Prayers of Peace

By Kenneth Little Hawk, Brother Of The Wind. Musicians Showcase Recordings 2001.

The Indian On The Ledge – Navajo Song of the Earth Spirit (Traditional) – Sunrise on the Mountaintop – Chinook Blessing (Traditional) – After the Rain – We Are All Related – The Seven Directions (Traditional)Medicine Feathers: The Bird’s Prayer – Penobscot Song of the Stars

Instruments: Flutes (pine, cherrywood, red heart, maple), pan pipes, conch shell, rattles (deer toes), rain stick, percussive bamboo tubes, percussion (hand drum, turtle shell, clay jug, vase and bowl, antique African stringed instrument. [Total Time 63:24]

“I am mesmerized by the musical qualities of Kenneth Little Hawk’s artistry. It is a gift from The Spirits to listen to his amazing gifts!” E. Barrie Kavasch (American/Southern Cherokee/Creek/Powhatan), author, illustrator, ethnobotanist, ethnomycologist, master herbalist, food historian.

In A Good Way – Native American Stories Of Respect For All Living Things

By Kenneth Little Hawk. For Children Of All Ages. Musicians Showcase Recordings 2001.

How Turtle got it’s Shell – Two Birds – Thank You Grandfather – How Helping Hands got his  Name – The Two-Legged Nation

Instruments: Flutes, eagle-bone whistle, horns, (conch shell, bark trumpet), rattles (deer toes, shells, nuts), and rain sticks. Percussion: hand drums, turtle shell drum, gourd drum, river rocks. [Total Time 50:66]

“What Little Hawk has to teach is exactly what the USA needs to learn.” Pete Seeger (Folk Singer – Environmentalist)

In A Very Real Way – MicMac/Mohawk

By Kenneth Little Hawk, with Ken Lovelett, Gus Mancini, Louie Argese, David Laks and Barbara Dempsy. Musicians Showcase Recordings 2001.

Native American Prayer (Traditional) – Grandma – The Welcome Song (Traditional) – The Antropologist and the Elder – Sonnet To One People (S.T.O.P.) – In A Very Real Way – Separate Entities – Amazing Grace – The Seventh Generation – You can’t grow Food on a Parking Lot

Instruments: Native American Flutes, Percussion, Rattles, Rainstick, Storytelling, Vocals (Kenneth Little Hawk); Drums, Rattles, Cymbals, Brass Bells, Kurzweil Mark 12 (Ken Lovelett); Electric Horn, Kurzweil Mark 12 (Gus Mancini); Keyboards (Louie Argese); Didgeridoo (David Laks); Vocals (Barbara Dempsy). [Total Time 55:09]

“From traditional Native American music, to jazz, to rap, to storytelling, the haunting flutemelodies and intricate rhythm patterns will keep your feet tapping. This CD is a total package of enjoyment.” George Circling Eagle Tooks  (Black Cherokee).


By Ema and Little Hawk, Kenneth Little Hawk Publishing BMI / Trancehumance Music BMI, 2005.

Welcome Song – How Would It Be?An Iris for Mary – Bringing Back the Heart – The Four-Legged Look for a New HomeEnter the CouncilInsect Nation (Which Way Now?) – The Wind, The Pine and the Dawn – Chuckles – Mina Nawe – Bayeza – The Prayer and the Struggle – A Bit of “Alright” – The Long Walk – Round Dance

Created and produced in it’s entirety by Ema and Little Hawk using the following: bamboo marimbas, various wood flutes, tree bark trumpet, conch shell, medicine drum, izgubo – assorted large and medium sized Zulu drums, various First Nations’ drums, bodhrain, mbira, dzavadzimu, sanza, turtle shell likembe, Martin D15 dreadnought guitar, Kramer Ferrington high strung guitar, river rocks, imifece (South African ankle shakers), hoshos, Oneida bark rattles, goat hoof and dear toe rattles, cocopod rattles, caxixi, various gourd shakers from Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Zimabwe, Mozambique and South Africa; Sri Lankan ankle bells, many “found material” shakers including toilet pin chime tree, house key chime tree, film can rattles, aluminum ring shakers, Fatass GIDE plug-in, Kurzweil PC2x …and the human voice. [Total Time 73:05]

“How would it be if you looked at me as brother?

How would it be if she looked at her as sister?

Elders as Grandmother and Grandfather?

and all of the children as our own?

How would it be if we looked at earth as mother?

How would it be if we looked at sky as father?

How would it be if we cared for each other?

The reason ancestors existed at all.” Little Hawk.

Little Hawk heeft nog meer albums gemaakt dan de vier hierboven, kijk op zijn website!


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